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Digital Measure

We closely follow the latest treatment approaches to protect and restore your jaw, oral and dental health and to make it look aesthetic and beautiful.

Digital impression is an innovative technology that is changing the face of dental care. This technology, which includes 3D scanning and digital modeling, is replacing traditional dental measurement methods and facilitating work in this field.

Digital impressions have led to significant improvements in dental procedures such as orthodontics, implants and dentures. By utilizing this technology, dentists can more accurately understand the patient’s oral structure, resulting in more precise treatments and better patient outcomes. This is why this method is becoming more and more common in practice.

Digital Impression and Digital Dentistry

Traditional methods without the use of digital tooth measurement involve manually assessing the patient’s mouth with alginate molds. This process is time-consuming, but can also lead to inaccuracies that can potentially affect the success of dental treatment.

Digital tooth measurement eliminates these inaccuracies. Using high-precision 3D scanners, dentists can take detailed and precise measurements of a patient’s teeth and surrounding oral structures. These measurements are then stored digitally for future reference, eliminating the risk of measurement distortion over time.

The process starts with a digital intraoral scanner that takes thousands of photos per second, creating a comprehensive 3D image of the teeth. The digital dental image can be transformed and allows the dentist to view the teeth from various angles and analyze precise alignment and dimensions.

The application of digital dental measurement is becoming widespread and continues to evolve as an important step towards technologically advanced dentistry. Studies in this field ensure that both the patient and the dentist are more comfortable during the procedures and the results are more satisfactory for the patient.

Digital Measure

Digital Tooth Measurement Application

Digital tooth measurement is becoming a standard practice in orthodontics. It allows the design and creation of customized braces and aligners, improving patient comfort and treatment effectiveness. Similarly, in restorative dentistry, technology helps dentists design and create customized crowns, bridges and implants, increasing the long-term success of these restorations.

In addition, digital dental measurement also helps with patient education. These 3D dental models can be used to visually demonstrate dental problems and recommended treatments to patients, improving their understanding and encouraging more informed decision-making. With the continuous development of dental technology, the future of dentistry looks bright, helping to bring about painless, efficient and accurate dental procedures.