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Hybrid Prosthesis

We closely follow the latest treatment approaches to protect and restore your jaw, oral and dental health and to make it look aesthetic and beautiful.

Hybrid denture is a treatment method for patients with tooth loss. It is a fixed structure that is mounted on implants and cannot be removed and worn by the patient. This type of prosthesis is not designed in a traditional way and is made of a combination of different materials.

Hybrid denture types are selected according to the patient’s needs, oral structure and the number of missing teeth. These prostheses, which can be placed on at least four implants (all on four), take over the function of the crown of natural teeth. Titanium screws that function like the root part of the tooth are preferred in implant application. A period of several months is needed for the screws to fuse with the jawbone. Prostheses are placed on this screw.

Implant Hybrid Denture

Hybrid prosthesis is a treatment method used to replace missing teeth and to eliminate the loss of function and aesthetics after tooth loss. These prostheses, which are mounted on implants, are fixed prostheses that the patient cannot take out of the mouth and wear. Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention to oral hygiene.

What are the types of removable dentures? Removable dentures are another method used in the treatment of tooth loss. However, unlike fixed prostheses, these prostheses can be removed and reinserted. These features allow users to easily maintain daily oral hygiene.

Hybrid and removable dentures are among the options that patients can choose after implant treatment. Implant treatment refers to a titanium screw that replaces the tooth root and is placed in the jawbone. By attaching the desired prosthesis on this screw, the patient can regain a natural appearance and function even if the tooth is completely lost.


Fixed Hybrid Denture

Full hybrid dentures are used when all teeth are missing. These dentures can be worn on the upper and lower jaw. Another type of partial denture is used to replace the loss of teeth only in a certain area. Although hybrid dentures are a type of fixed prosthesis, they are more stable than removable removable dentures. This stability allows patients to perform basic functions such as chewing and speaking more comfortably.

Many people wonder “is removable dentures healthy?“. Both types of dentures have their own advantages and disadvantages. Removable dentures can be easily removed and are easier to clean. However, they are less stable than fixed prostheses. This can make them difficult to use and can cause problems with functions such as speech and chewing. Therefore, it is best for the dentist and the patient to decide which prosthesis to use together.