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Smile Design

We closely follow the latest treatment approaches to protect and restore your jaw, oral and dental health and to make it look aesthetic and beautiful.

Smile design is a dental practice that aims to treat all defects that impair the smile. It is also known as smile aesthetic applications. The design of smile aesthetics is carried out in direct proportion to the demands of the person.

How long does smile design take? The duration of aesthetic design applications can vary significantly depending on the treatment and procedures the person needs. For example, someone who wants to benefit from a seamless implant application will wait about 5 minutes for each tooth. The duration of the procedure is directly proportional to the number of teeth to be implanted. There are also different applications that affect different smiles, such as gingival aesthetics and veneers.

Smile Design Dentistry

One of the most effective ways of projecting confidence in daily life is the act of smiling. However, when oral and dental health is not taken care of, we may hesitate to smile. This is where smile design comes into play.  Smile design is a dentistry practice that combines aesthetic and functional results. With this application, the teeth are arranged in the most appropriate way for the oral structure.

During the arrangement process, attention is paid to the person’s face, gender, age and personal preferences. When you look at the before and after comparison of smile design, you can see how effective the application is. Many images are shared on this subject on the internet.

Perhaps the most well-known technique in the field of smile design is Hollywood smile aesthetics. This technique allows Hollywood stars in particular to achieve their famous white and straight teeth. Hollywood smile applications are usually performed with laminated teeth and zirconium coating techniques.


Dental Smile Design

Aesthetic design aims to achieve a smile that is not only functional but also aesthetic. Various techniques are used in this process. For example, zirconium technology gives the best aesthetic result by preserving the natural appearance of the teeth. Zirconium provides a very similar appearance to natural teeth and also prevents problems such as wear and cracking.

Another interesting option is the application of laminated teeth. Laminated tooth application includes thin ceramic layers applied to the front surface of the teeth. This process improves the shape, color and size of the teeth, providing a more aesthetic appearance.

So, is the smile design permanent? The answer to this question depends on the procedure applied and the oral hygiene habits of the individual. For example, zirconium veneers and laminated teeth can last for many years with the right care. However, regular brushing of the teeth and regular dentist visits are issues that need attention.