Dental Treatment

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Dental treatment is a medical procedure performed to improve dental health and solve dental problems. Many problems can arise in teeth, which are of great importance for the correct use of functions such as nutrition and speech. Therefore, these treatments may include a wide range of different applications, from root canal treatment to veneers.

Dental treatment can be performed by dentists who have completed their training and expertise in this field. In addition, the same dentist may not have the authority and expertise for every treatment. Some dentists may specialize in areas such as maxillofacial surgery or orthodontics, but not all dentists are authorized to perform these procedures. When a patient presents to a dentist with a dental problem, the dentist will refer the patient if a procedure outside his or her area of practice is required.

What are Dental Treatment Methods?

Many aesthetic, genetic or chronic problems can occur in teeth. Fractures after accidents etc., congenital problems (rabbit lips etc.) can negatively affect the health and appearance of the teeth. Decay and inflammation caused by different reasons over the years can lead to deterioration of oral health. There are various procedures such as restorative and prosthetic dental treatments, braces, etc. that are differentiated for each situation.

Some common dental treatment methods can be listed as follows;

It involves the repair of decayed teeth. During this process, decayed tooth tissue is removed and repaired with dental filling. Root canal treatment is a similar procedure that cleans root inflammation.

The main applications for this purpose are implants, bridges and prostheses. Depending on age and health status, the preferred treatment method may vary.

Treatment of gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis aims to protect the gums and tooth roots.

Porcelain veneers or crowns are used to repair teeth that are damaged or have aesthetic problems. These applications can be performed for aesthetic and health purposes.

Orthodontic treatments are used to properly align teeth and correct jaw relationships.

Dental surgery is applied in cases requiring complex tooth extractions, dental implants or jaw surgery.

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Costs of Dental Treatments

Dental treatment fees will vary depending on many factors. Factors such as the type of application, i.e. implant tooth, restorative dental treatment or prosthetic dentistry application, the age and health status of the person to be treated change the application procedure. This causes the prices to differ.

However, the answer to the question “is dental treatment free of charge” in the state hospital can be given as yes for certain procedures. Dental examination fees are not charged for people covered by SSI in state hospitals. Dental x-ray prices etc. are also out of the question. Aesthetic procedures are also subject to a fee when performed in state hospitals. However, it is not possible in state hospitals to determine the material used and the date of application in accordance with the patient.

“How many TL for dental treatment?” For the answer to this question, it is necessary to consult with the dentist and determine the necessary applications. The same problem can be solved in different ways. For example, bonding application or braces may be necessary for a split tooth problem. The treatment method will be determined by the dentist after the examination.

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