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We closely follow the latest treatment approaches to protect and restore your jaw, oral and dental health and to make it look aesthetic and beautiful.

Orthodontics is a field of dentistry that deals with the treatment of disorders of the teeth and jaw. Problems such as disproportion of the jaw forward and backward, crowding of the teeth are treated with studies in this field.

Orthodontics specializes in the treatment of crowding problems caused by incorrectly positioned teeth. In addition, incorrect, misaligned jaw closures, lower and mid-face irregularities can also be treated with orthodontic applications. These applications can be done with the support of materials such as brackets, appliances and jaws.

What is Orthodontics?

This branch of dentistry deals with the proper alignment of the teeth and jaw. Orthodontists can use a variety of devices to ensure proper alignment of the teeth and jaw and improve functionality and aesthetics. Although advances in this field have shortened the duration of procedures, orthodontic treatment requires a certain amount of time. For this reason, it is recommended that the procedures be performed in a comfortable clinic with a friendly and well-communicated doctor.

Applications in the field, which is based on the correction of bone and tooth structure by changing the bone and tooth structure, are most commonly performed during adolescence. The reason for this is that the adjustments to be made during the developmental period will be shorter than those in later years. However, adults can also receive orthodontic treatment and many people have been successfully treated in the later stages of their adult lives. Some of the problems or diseases that can be treated with orthodontic applications are;

  • Tooth gaps,
  • Incorrect bite of the teeth,
  • Displacement of teeth,
  • Jaw disorders.

The orthodontist can solve various oral and jaw problems, resulting in better jaw alignment, a healthier mouth and an overall better quality of life.


Orthodontic Treatment

Genetic disorders, accidents, wrong habits, etc. can cause disorders in the jaw and tooth structure. Although these problems mostly appear in the first youth, there is also a risk of encountering an orthodontic problem over time. Studies in this field are developing day by day, and today it is possible to treat patients of almost any age and condition.

What does orthodontic dental treatment mean?” Especially jaw and tooth problems, aesthetic and medical problems caused by these problems are solved with these treatments. For treatments in this field, support is often obtained from auxiliary apparatus. Some of these apparatus are;

  • Brackets,
  • Headlines,
  • Retraction device,
  • Braces,
  • Tooth spring,

Which of these will be used in the treatment process is determined after a detailed examination of the patient. If the treatment methods suitable for the needs are applied regularly, there will be serious changes in existing problems and physical appearance.