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Prosthetic Dental Treatment

We closely follow the latest treatment approaches to protect and restore your jaw, oral and dental health and to make it look aesthetic and beautiful.

Prosthetic dental treatment is also known as prosthetic treatment and includes the application of fixed or removable dentures to replace lost teeth. Thus, the appearance and functionality of missing teeth is tried to be restored. This treatment can be applied for all or some of the teeth.

What is prosthetic dental treatment? teeth; It can be lost as a result of factors such as genetic factors, caries, gingival recession or physical impacts. There are several different methods for restoring lost teeth, both aesthetically and functionally. One of these is dental prosthesis treatment, which is known as dentures among the people. Prosthesis treatment is especially effective in terms of aesthetics and can give the patient a natural tooth appearance.

Fixed Prosthesis Treatments

What is prosthetic dentistry treatment? Prostheses are frequently used treatment materials in the field of dentistry. Prosthodontics also includes treatments such as implants and bridges. So what are the types of prosthesis? Denture treatment types in the field of dentistry are generally divided into two as removable dentures and fixed dentures. Removable prostheses can be produced with zirconium or metal support.

Prostheses using the zirconium element are especially preferred for aesthetically important teeth. The appearance of the teeth that are visible and in the foreground during laughing or speaking is very important. A more aesthetic appearance of these teeth will also affect the beauty of the smile. Metal prostheses are generally preferred for the back teeth. These prostheses are applied to restore the natural tooth appearance of decayed or damaged teeth.

What is fixed prosthesis application? In cases where all or some of the teeth are missing, it is performed to complete the missing tooth. If it is to be applied for all of the teeth, this process is called full denture and prostheses are produced for both jaws. Partial dentures are for patients who have lost part of their teeth.

Prosthetic Dental Treatment

How many Years is the Prosthesis Renewal Period in Dental treatments?

Prostheses are useful as long as they continue to function. If the prosthesis is damaged, lost or hardens and loses its integrity, it must be replaced. This period may vary from person to person and depending on the care taken in use.

What is a prosthesis made for? We have already mentioned that prostheses have a rich range of uses. One of these is implant application. For an implant, a titanium (or zirconium) screw is first inserted into the root of the tooth. At the end of the fusion process, which lasts for several months, an aesthetically and functionally functional prosthesis is placed at the end of this screw. The screw acts as the root and the prosthesis as the crown.

Problems related to oral and dental health are quite common in our country. For their timely treatment, it is recommended that you have your check-ups with a dentist who is an expert in the field. Regular check-up appointments are important to take early precautions against diseases that can progress insidiously even if there is no apparent problem.