What is Restorative Dental Treatment

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What is restorative dental treatment? This question is one of the curiosities of patients who are referred to this field during the treatment process. This field focuses on the solution of many diseases and physical problems that can lead to tooth loss or aesthetic problems.

What is restorative dental treatment? This is a field of dentistry that focuses on solving problems that occur in dental tissues. The lost function and aesthetics of the teeth can be restored thanks to the work done in this field. Therefore, restorative dental treatment includes many treatment procedures such as filling, implant bridge and crown.

What is Restorative Dental Treatment and How is it Done?

Especially tooth decay, various traumas, etc. The procedures performed after damage and fractures caused by damage and fractures are within the scope of treatment applications called dental restoration. Various problems that can lead to tooth loss are reversed thanks to these applications. The answer to the question “What is done in restorative dental treatment” is that treatment and other procedures are performed to restore the normal function and appearance of the teeth.

How is restorative dental treatment performed? How the procedures should be performed is determined after the dentist’s examination. Accordingly, the application steps may include the following;

At this stage, a general determination of oral and dental health will be made. Then, imaging methods such as X-rays etc. are applied when necessary.

This is the stage of determining what kind of restorations are needed on which teeth. Procedures such as fillings, crowns, bridges or canals are decided.

Restorative dentistry can perform different applications in a wide range of areas. Different paths are followed for each of these applications.

Restoratif Diş Tedavisi Nedir

What is Included in Restorative Treatment?

Dental restoration performs procedures for the treatment of problems such as caries, fractures, cracks, tooth enamel and dental problems. These procedures can be performed with more than one method and different materials. When determining these methods, the patient’s condition, other treatments that may be necessary and the expected aesthetic appearance after restoration are taken into consideration.

The question “Does restorative dental treatment make a filling?” can be answered “yes” in this direction. Details of dental filling and other applications in this field can be listed as follows;

Filling It is an application that allows decayed teeth to be cleaned and regain their previous functionality and aesthetic appearance. It is made with various materials such as amalgam, composite resin or porcelain.

Veneers: When the tooth decay or fracture covers a large area, it is a procedure that covers the upper part of the tooth and prevents further problems. The crown restores the shape and function of the tooth and can be metal, porcelain or ceramic.

Implant: Screws are placed in place of missing teeth, replacing the tooth root. In this way, a permanent solution is created in the long term. Thanks to the veneers to be made after the implant, a natural tooth appearance can be achieved.

In addition to these, restorative dentists working in this field can be consulted for bridge tooth and canal treatment.

How Long Does Restorative Dental Treatment Take?

The duration of these applications varies depending on the procedure to be performed. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform treatment for more than one tooth or by using various methods together. For this reason, the duration of the application can only be determined precisely after the restorative specialist’s examination, sometimes after the applications have started. However;

  • Filling can usually be completed in a single session and involves cleaning and sealing the decayed or damaged area. The use of composite fillings or other materials may alter the process.
  • Veneers require a minimum of two sessions. This is because dental veneers are often custom-made in the laboratory. This production process is usually completed within a week.
  • For a dental implant, screw placement is required, followed by the healing process and veneers. Sometimes bone graft, bridge, etc. can also be added to implant procedures. This application requires at least a few months to complete.
Restoratif Diş Tedavisi Nedir

Restorative Dental Treatment Prices

Dental health can deteriorate for many reasons. Restorative dental treatment applications can be applied for reasons such as fractures and decayed teeth. Dental restoration includes various procedures such as root canal treatment and filling, which aim to restore the teeth both aesthetically and functionally.

So, is restorative dental treatment paid? For these procedures, state and university hospitals with sufficient technical equipment, as well as private dental clinics can be preferred. State hospital restorative dental treatment applications do not cover all procedures and materials. A long process is required to complete the procedures. For this reason, private clinics are often preferred for applications.

How much is restorative dental treatment? The following points are effective in determining these prices;

  • Scope of treatment,
  • Materials to be used,
  • Duration of transactions,
  • The clinic’s price policy.

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